Lauriver + parallels Arrow & comics

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It’s Oliver and Laurel, Always and Forever.

This video was specially made for Tumblr fans. It’s more of a celebration of the last awesome episode which made us ship these two even more. I’m just as happy as any pro Lauriver shipper, thank you for every reblog, like, retweet, and most of all thank you for not giving up on them like most of the fandom did. Our support has finally paid off, and we’re now getting what we’ve been waiting for since the show started. It’s a matter of episodes now before we see our canary in action. So there you go guys, a little thank you gift.

Can you imagine what it’s like to be him? What he has to live with day in and day out, what that’s got to be like.

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Laurel Lance in "Man Under the Hood"

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"It’s Laurel and Oliver."

"You and her, always and forever."

"Tha’s never gonna change."

"That kind of love doesn’t die." 

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It’s Oliver and Laurel. Clark and Lois.



Prayer circle for Laurel 

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  • Lauriver & Clois + parallels (part II)

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Can we just have a Laurel appreciation post?


Like, she knows.

She fucking knows about Oliver and Sara and she isn’t going to say one word. And she can.


But she won’t.

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make me choose →  asked: Thea Queen or Laurel Lance

make me choose

Anon asked: Laurel as Black Canary or Felicity as Oracle

You know what would be the ultimate cliffhanger for me personally? If on the last scene of the finale Slade goes after Laurel and as soon as he tries to shoot/stab her she screams (the sonic scream) and they just cut it there. I swear I would freak the fuck out and just. I don’t know man… I need help.

Mega Buzz: Scandal's Explosive Finale, Mad Men's Clean Slate and SVU's Standoff

Is Laurel going to confront Oliver about knowing his secret on Arrow? — Billy  

It doesn’t sound like she will jump right into action. “Does she actually believe [Slade]?” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg says. “Laurel’s reaction to hearing that news is going to surprise people and it will also validate people’s faith in her character. For all the people who love her, they’ll love her even more. Maybe some of the people who didn’t love her will change their minds.”

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